KaNnaree Trading


Carefully selected Thai vegetables, fruits, and quality products, just for you.


Our locally grown vegetables provide both nutritional and medicinal benefits while carrying a distinct Thai essence. They are cultivated using organic farming practices, avoiding chemical use throughout the farming process. These seasonal vegetables evolve naturally without any genetic modifications (Non-GMO), enabling you to savor the authentic flavors of each season.


Thai fruits are well-known and beloved by consumers worldwide in the agricultural market. We carefully select a variety of Thai fruits from organic farms that adhere to national standards. We conduct thorough residue testing and obtain health certificates in preparation for export, following SPS (Sanitary and Phytosanitary) standards.


Thailand’s tropical location near the equator gives rise to a variety of flavorful beverages with vibrant colors. These drinks encompass a wide range, including Thai tea, Oishi green tea, Sponsor Electrolyte Beverage, Lactasoy milk, and juices, as well as alcoholic beverages. They invite you to experience the distinctive Thai essence embodied in these drinks.

Desserts & Snack

We select snacks and desserts from renowned Thai producers, including popular snacks and convenient, ready-to-cook Thai desserts, enabling you to savor the authentic flavors of Thai cuisine with ease.

Kitchen Ware

Immerse yourself in the heart of authentic Thai culture and cuisine with traditional kitchen tools imported from Thailand, including mortars, pestles, Thai steamers, and Thai sticky rice baskets. These tools will make your journey into the kitchen to prepare Thai dishes more accessible.

Frozen Food

Thailand’s abundant resources allow us to produce top-notch frozen products, including food, seafood, and processed foods. Our production facility plays a crucial role in selecting and preparing high-quality products for export to numerous countries worldwide.