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Kannaree Trading Company Limited serves as a one-stop provider of production and distribution services for organic vegetables, fruits, cooking ingredients, and kitchenware from Thailand. Our goal is to introduce the authentic flavors and culinary culture of Thailand to people worldwide.

Our company is located in Thailand’s thriving economic hub. Leveraging Thailand’s abundant resources, we consistently source and meticulously select high-quality agricultural products from the country’s top production sources, adhering to GMP, GAP, Halal Food, and FDA standards. Our range of exported products includes consumer items such as vegetables, fruits, frozen food, snacks, condiments, beverages, and kitchenware.

We currently export our products to South Korea, Japan, and other countries. More than 100% of the vegetable are sourced from the Kannaree Farms, Is an organic agricultural farm certified by the Department of Agriculture and promoting sustainable, chemical-free agriculture. In addition, our strategic partnerships enable us to consistently offer quality products across various categories, meeting diverse customer needs.

Dedicate to excellence

In addition to ensuring the quality of our products for our customers, we have invested in cultivating over 69 acres of organic farmland in Ayutthaya Province, where vegetables and fruits are grown, instilling confidence in the safety of customer consumption. We also operate a large factory for sorting, trimming, and packaging agricultural products, certified to meet Thai and international production standards, before exporting to target regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the United States. We employ temperature-controlled transportation by both air and sea to preserve the freshness of our produce until it reaches its destination. Lastly, we have established extensive warehousing facilities to meet the increasing demand for Thai products, starting with a warehouse in South Korea.